Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Effortless, Blissful, Real Meditation!

Are you feeling a little restless, stressed out, not quite at peace? Tired, irritated, depressed, as if you’re looking for something but don’t know quite what? Would you like reach real meditation, actual mental silence, slam dunk in the middle of your day. You can feel more relaxed, less angry, more serene, less impatient with yourself and the world. 

A simple 5 minute technique can bring you to the present moment. How? Impossible, you say? Well, see your yourself! Open your mind objectively, like a scientist. Seriously, meditation has changed my life and as a token of gratitude, I would like to teach you.

During my meditation exercise, you will stay in complete control of your environment. Fully aware and lucid. It will take you about 5-10 minutes to meditate. Wanna try? It’ll be one of the wisest and most compassionate things that you’ll do for yourself. Here you go:

Meditation happens when you feel a total absence of unwanted thought. A powerhouse energy called the “kundalini” which is lying dormant in the sacrum bone, at the base of every human’s spine, rises up along your spine, brings your chakras in harmony and reaches the limbic area of your brain. There, she elongates the gap between the falling of one thought and rising of another and you experience the silence of the present moment.

1. Take your shoes off, rest your feet on the earth. Loosen your belt, sit comfortably on the earth or on a chair. Put your hands in your lap, palms up. Sit most comfortably, no “yogic” poses, no music, no mantras etc are needed right now. Make your room quiet. Now, desire deep from your heart to meditate. Make this sincere wish now. It has to come from your heart or it won’t work.

We will say two affirmations now. Your subtle body already knows them and is just waiting to hear these affirmations. When you say them sincerely, your kundalini awakens your subtle system.

1. Put your right hand on your heart and in your heart, ask the energy of the universe, “Am I the pure spirit? Ask this two or three times. Then, say with sincerity, “I am the pure spirit.”

2. Now, put your right palm on the top of your head. Specifically, the fontanelle bone area. The spot where infants’ heads are soft. Buddhists and Hindus call it the “Sahasrara chakra”, the “thousand petaled lotus”. Push down gently on this spot. Here, say “Please take me into meditation. Pls give me my self-realization.” Address the energy of the universe with this request three times. Now, close your eyes for a few minutes. 

Et Voila! Did you have a moment of absolute silence in your mind? Did you feel a cool breeze on your hands, maybe a tingle? Every time you say these two affirmations honestly, your Kundalini will come up instantly, and your meditation will grow deeper. With practice, you can enlarge this momentary silence into hours of deeply peaceful silence. You can meditate as many times as you’d like in a day or night. 

Wishing you a life full of pure love and joy!